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     H20 Pressure Cleaning Ltd


Our Services 

​H2O Pressure Cleaning Service Ltd is a company that specializes in exterior cleaning. We provide professional exterior cleaning services. For private individuals, commercial property owners, and government agencies. We mostly serve Carmarthenshire and South Wales, but we are willing to travel to any location in the United Kingdom upon request.

It is important that your property is kept clean. If you're a proud homeowner, you'll want your home to look its finest so that it's a pleasant place to return to. From a business aspect It creates a friendly working environment for you and your staff, as well as influencing people's perceptions of your business.

What we do to clean it and how we do it

We've seen the harm that novice operators can do when they use the incorrect procedure or chemicals on fragile surfaces. To guarantee that the surface is secure and undamaged, our cleaning service is specifically designed to the surface and dirt. We recognize that not all surfaces are created equal, and what cleans one may damage another.

Most kind of surface is covered by our outdoor cleaning services. From driveways, conservatories, gutters, fascia’s, to carparks, paths, patios, and decking, we've got you covered. Algae, dirt, grease, oil, and diesel leaks, chewing gum, and graffiti are among the dirt and stubborn stains that we can remove. We studied the science of removing dirt and stains from external surfaces. As a result, you can be assured that we'll always use the best procedure for your property and stain type to ensure that you get the best results possible.

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Exterior Cleaning and painting

We Clean It for you and we paint It for you

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