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How might we clean the PVC/wood decking?

Decking will easily become coated with algae and highly slippery, which is dangerous, because if enough contamination and bacterial growth accumulates, wooden decking can decay and be destroyed.

1.For wooden decking, we first determine the type of wood, whether soft or hardwood, as well as any prior treatments or coatings. This would have a major effect on the decking strategy.

2.We would not really call the next phase a power wash because it implies high pressure. Since high-pressure washing will easily fur up the skin and kill the fibres, the procedure we use is more of a soft rinsing of the surface to loosen mud, grime, and clean away the worst of the moss and algae.

3. Some common paving chemicals, especially high alkaline cleaning solutions, can be deeply destructive to wood and kill the Lignin fibres. For eg, we will never advise using bleach. The trick to deck cleaning is to use a gentle approach, so we use a wide spectrum biocide at a specific concentration to ensure that all algae, fungi, and rot are destroyed without causing harm.

4. If the decking has already been painted, a second coat should be added now. We highly advise against painting a deck with a natural finish, since this will collect moisture under the surface and promote rot. Another downside to painting a deck is that it will quickly begin to crumble and chip, leaving it unsightly, and the only option is to keep painting it.

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