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     H20 Pressure Cleaning Ltd


Our Services 

Cleaning Services for Bricks

Buildings will inevitably produce an unsightly degree of discoloration or deterioration after years of bad weather and heavy pollution. The natural charm of the brickwork, as well as any intricate or ornamental exterior elements, can be obscured by layers of dirt. Our concrete cleaning service, on the other hand, will quickly return your building to its original condition, even if it is listed or especially old. Our facilities are available to both commercial and residential clients. We are broad enough to manage the most complex industrial projects, but we still recognize that our experience should be available to local buyers.

Why do you employ us to clean your bricks?

During our cleaning ventures, we use industry-standard equipment and a specially formulated biodegradable cleaning solution. We pair this procedure with the Therma Tech machine from Restorative Techniques, a cutting-edge piece of equipment that cleans with low-pressure, high-temperature steam.

This not only cleans the surfaces, but it also restores the colour of the brickwork to its original state. When more vigorous methods, such as sandblasting, are used, the brick faces will be damaged or altered in appearance. Just the dirt is stripped, leaving the structure looking brand new with no ghosting or abrasion spots using our cleaning method.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for free consultation on your concrete or brick cleaning project.

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Exterior Cleaning and painting

We Clean It for you and we paint It for you

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