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     H20 Pressure Cleaning Ltd


Our Services 

About us

My name is Lee. Myself and my partner Lorraine own and operate H2O Pressure Cleaning Ltd. We serve as the directors of the company and take pride in providing the highest level of service and quality of exterior cleaning in all South Wales. With a limited but well-trained team and a selection of the latest specialty cleaning tools, which all takes place based in Carmarthen.

To guarantee the best quality of workmanship and performance, we directly do or manage all projects. With this approach, we can produce excellent results on a wide range of projects, from exterior house cleaning to large-scale industrial cleaning projects like cleaning schools, shops, car parks, large commercial buildings and much more.

We have a theoretical and realistic knowledge of dirt and grime, as well as how it affects and tarnishes properties and surroundings. As a business we’ve invested in and built modern and creative approaches to tackle the tiniest and largest of projects as well as the most difficult of obstacles. As  highly trained professionals we can consistently achieve excellent results thanks to our business experience and state-of-the-art equipment.

Significant maintenance costs and a tarnished image will be avoided by engaging our expert service now to evaluate and build a cost-effective plan to protect and safeguard aspects of your investment (which may be your home or business) for the future.

                            07513 346443

Exterior Cleaning and painting

"We Clean It for you and we paint It for you"

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