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     H20 Pressure Cleaning Ltd


Our Services 

Driveway cleaning:

A well-kept driveway will significantly improve the curb appeal of your home and is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve its appearance.

Your drive may have gotten dark, dirty, or mossy over time. This is quickly remedied by contacting us to clean and refresh it. We have extensive experience washing and restoring all types of driveway surfaces, including block paving, tarmac, resin, imprinted concrete, and natural stone. We mostly serve Carmarthen and the surrounding areas, but we also service all of Wales' postcodes.

1.We'll start by determining the source of the problem, which may be algae, fungus weeds, black spot lichen, or other staining that's making your driveway look dirty and uninspiring.

2. Second, pressure cleaning a driveway is a perfect way to thoroughly clear it. However, we make every effort to use the proper pressure, temperature, and nozzles for each surface. Cleaning block paving, for example, will need a different degree of pressure and different chemicals than cleaning tarmac or concrete paving. We've invested in some of the most efficient appliances for pressure washing flat surfaces, including a superheated steam cleaning device that can achieve excellent results with less pressure. We often have big commercial surface cleaners to get the job done efficiently and effectively, as well as a variety of lances to ensure that the right equipment is used on each surface for the optimum performance and the least amount of time spent cleaning.

3. Finally, a chemical post cure can help achieve the optimum results when washing the driveway. This can be helpful for removing the more resistant black spots on the paving and reduces the amount of pressure used during the cleaning process. A type of bacteria after treatment is often useful in controlling moss growth and providing some protection.

4.The fourth consideration is continuous maintenance; we have discovered over the years that flat surfaces need maintenance every year; often all that is needed is a chemical soft wash clean each year to keep the drive looking fantastic, but we will still leave you with a cost-effective maintenance schedule for your drive to eliminate any potential maintenance headaches.

5.Sealing driveways, particularly block paving, is a great way to make the surface less maintenance intensive. Other surfaces, such as natural stone, can benefit greatly from sealing because it makes the surface less brittle, allowing it to remain cleaner for longer. Another advantage is that it is much more stain resistant so stains cannot touch the substrate.

 Patio and path cleaning

We have a complete paving and patio cleaning service. Of course, the patio or pavement should be properly washed and treated if necessary. Both black spot lichen, mould, algae, and general grime will be removed. These growths are also sanitized and killed with a treatment.

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Exterior Cleaning and painting

We Clean It for you and we paint It for you

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